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GOATS UNLIMITED has an overall goal to produce the highest quality KIKO meat goat for breeding stock and meat production while enhancing land productivity.

Goats Unlimited started land cleaning with meat goats in 1985, on the Big Island of Hawaii and successfully enhanced land productivity. In 1991 we were the first producer in the U. S. to import KIKO bucks from New Zealand. Goats Unlimited has been selecting for quality KIKO meat goats to supply diverse ethnic populations and for use on land cleaning projects. I have a Masters and PhD in Range Livestock Nutrition and I am considered one of the foundational breeders of Kiko Goats and a world-renowned small ruminant expert and specialist.

Our KIKO replacement does are selected for increased depth of heart girth, spring of rib, width across the withers and rump, length and width of back and loin and fullness of hindquarter (thigh). They carry their body weight on sturdy legs and feet. They have compact udders and mailability, produce twins and are excellent mothers with a pleasing disposition. Most importantly for our vegetative conditions, they know how to browse!





I am successful at what I do because I understand the concept of finding an animal that fits the environment, goat husbandry, use of guard dogs, and implementing principles of management-intensive grazing in a variety of situations.

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